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1- Turkish lawyers have believed in the independence of the bars and the Turkish Bar Association, and have decided to fulfill their duties as individuals or organizations in this regard.

2- The lawyer maintains his/her independence in professional work; avoids accepting work that would impair this independence.

3- The lawyer conducts his/her professional work in a way that will ensure the public's trust and confidence in the profession, and carries out his/her work with full loyalty.

4- Lawyers must avoid any attitude and behavior that would impair the reputation of the profession. Lawyers are also obliged to be careful about this in their private lives.

5- Lawyers should express their thoughts maturely and objectively both in writing and speaking. In professional work, lawyers should avoid statements unrelated to law and legislation.

6- Lawyers are concerned with the legal aspects of claims and defense. They should stay out of the hostilities caused by disputes between the parties.

7- Lawyers must meticulously avoid any unnecessary behavior aimed solely at gaining fame.

a- Lawyers can announce only address changes through advertisements, without carrying an advertising quality.

b- Lawyers’ headed papers, business cards, and office signs cannot be excessively advertising in nature.

c- Lawyers can list their addresses in the professional section of the telephone directory. Apart from this, they cannot have listings with different sized letters, or in advertising nature.

ç- Lawyers who establish a joint office ensure that the office does not become an advertising tool and does not lose its quality as a law office.

8- Lawyers avoid any behavior aimed at procuring work for themselves.

9- Lawyers ensure that other positions and opportunities they legally hold do not affect their professional work.

Lawyers cannot take advantage of the characteristics of the lawyer's title in personal disputes outside of professional work.

10- Lawyers cannot make opposing requests for the same case.

11- Lawyers are obliged to behave in accordance with the professional solidarity and order requirements accepted by the Turkish Bar Association.

12- Lawyers strive to maintain the dignity of the bar's mission.

13- Lawyers who have to stay away from their office for a long time notify their bar of the name of the colleague who will look after their work and accept their clients.

14- Lawyers are obliged to accept the duties given by professional organizations, except for valid reasons.

15- Lawyers give a copy of the lawsuit filed against them due to their professional work to their bar. They are obliged to accept the bar's mediation offer in legal disputes.

16- Lawyers have the right to see all documents related to themselves at the bar.

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